The Texas Reuben


“a deli classic reinvented for
south Texas tastes…”

A staple in delicatessens throughout the country, a typical Reuben includes pastrami and vinegar-y sauerkraut on some rye bread. We knew that we could do better, and decided to experiment one weekend with our menu. This Texas Reuben features our own lean smoked brisket thrown over some buttered and griddled rye bread. Our sauerkraut is cooked in-house and not like what you usually imagine when it comes to this German staple. Seasoned with some wine, pork fat, and a few other special ingredients, our sauerkraut is more süss (sweet) than sauer.

We’re keen on making everything we can, so we sourced a few different classic recipes for Russian dressing, and then put our own little twist on it. We throw a healthy portion of sauerkraut and drizzle of Russian and then a few slices of swiss get melted over everything.

We’ve heard it all before - “I don’t like Russian dressing” or “I hate sauerkraut”. Well, even though you’re being a sauerkraut about it, we can leave it off, but just don’t do it because you’ve had someone else’s unprepared sauerkraut ruin your experience. Give it a try on the side, we’re sure you’ll like it.