The Texas Cheesesteak


“you better throw your tie over
your shoulder for this one…”

We are introducing our new specialty sammich, the Texas Cheesesteak - born out of some boredom in the kitchen and an abundance of left over nacho cheese. First we take our buttered 8” hoagie bun and toast it on the griddle. Then we drop a handful of onions along with some butter on the griddle and sizzle them until they’re beginning to get tender. While all this is happening we rough chop some lean brisket and then toss it with the onions and grill until the onions are tender and the brisket is beginning to crisp. This heavenly mix gets put on our hoagie and topped with our own Nacho Cheese and served (mostly) open faced.

Our cheesesteak is a meal of messy goodness, and we recommend that you throw your tie over your shoulder before you devour your lunch.