Our Po'Boy


“you’re not a bbq joint in south Texas
if you don’t have a po’boy…”

You’re not a barbeque place if you don’t feature a po’boy (at least in south Texas that is.) We don’t even consider our po’boy a specialty sammich because it’s just an implied part of smokin’ meats. That being said, we like our po’boy better than anyone else’s because we put more into it than anyone else does.

Once again, we start with a buttered 8” hoagie bun and toast the inside until the surface is crisp (to prevent the sogginess factor many po’boys suffer from.) Then we spread a healthy portion of our chopped brisket, followed by around a quarter pound of lean brisket (you can have marbled if you ask the cashier nicely). Topping the meat pile are slices of V&V Sausage all neat in a row. You can even get jalapeno V&V Sausage if you’re daring.

Then we close up the hoagie as much as we can and serve it to you cut in half. If you’re a light eater, buying our po’boy will take care of your lunch and dinner.