The Texas Dip


“when the pitmaster wants
to ‘class’ things up a bit…”

Similar to a French Dip (of course everything in Texas is bigger and better) our Texas Dip is the original specialty sammich we offer. Instead of the usual roast beef, we utilize our Angus smoked brisket, thinly cut and stacked on one of our buttered and griddled 8” hoagie buns.

It comes served alongside a bowl of au jus for dipping (and can include some swiss melted on top for an additional fee.)

Called our original specialty sammich, the Texas Dip was made soon after opening one afternoon after a long and busy lunch rush when our pit master, David, had enough of our traditional barbeque fare and wanted to ‘class’ things up a bit. He decided to chow down on some brisket on a hoagie and used some fresh au jus to dip it in for a little different flavor. While it started out as a menu special, it quickly became requested daily and was added to our full “hidden” menu.

The Texas Dip is perfect when you’re wanting some barbeque, but need something different (especially for those of you who eat here several times a week - you know who you are!)